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Secrets of Efficient Reading

Your reading is not efficient and you feel frustrated?

Discover in this short training (about 5 hours) everything you need to know to increase your reading speed! It's precisely with this content that I achieved to become a Bronze Medalist at the World Speed Reading Championships in Singapore in 2016.

You're frustrated because you don't take pleasure in reading

You feel guilty to spend all your time on a screen rather than in a book

You're tired to be distracted when you try to concentrate

Your memory fails you and you can't remember what you just read

You want to increase your reading performances to read more, or to spend less time in reading

In short, you don't understand why some people read easily and efficiently and remember what they read, but not you?

Discover how your brain works and go to the next level, by investing only a short time!

Speed Reading is the essential tool of the 21st century!

With always more documents to read and to integrate, it's not enough today to know how to read? You need to be able to read fast, well, integrate most of the content and learn to filter efficiently all the information coming from all the directions.

With this short training, you will integrate the minimum you need to know to read efficiently, to integrate the information and to increase your speed on a regular basis.

Read from 2 to 4 times faster, or even more if you work on the skill!

This training is well suited for you if you want to save your precious time, think faster, develop your sense of analysis and creatovity, sharpen your memory and increase your concentration!

Goals of the training

Acquire the skill to read faster and more efficiently

Remember a big part of what you read

Manage much better your eyes and their fatigue

Optimize your capacity of concentration

They talk about my trainings

Recommandation by Tony Buzan

Recommandation by Anthony Kavanagh, famous French humorist (in French)

Carole, Paris (in French)

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Dravinsingh, Paris (in French)

René, therapist (in French)

Jennifer, France (in French)

Or some others of the 300 testimonials (in French)

Discover how your brain works and go to the next level, by investing only a short time!